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Guided hike

Discover De Maashorst on foot, accompanied by an IVN guide. A long walk through De Maashorst to the grazing area where the taurus and Exmoor ponies reside, and to the Schaijk woods and heathland. You can also opt for a private hike, accompanied by an IVN guide, this is available upon request.

Possibilities for private hikes accompanied by an IVN guide:

Hiking in and around De Maashorst
5 km, Forests and heathlands of Schaijk – short hike over De Maashorst – 1½ hours
10 km, Grazing area, forests and heathlands – long hike over De Maashorst – 3 hours
17 km, Roundtrip around De Maashorst – full day hike – 5 hours

Hiking tours
4 km, "Peelrandbreuk"-route (with the car to starting point in Bedaf) – 1½ hours
4 km, Burial ground fields in Zevenbergen  - 1½ hours
5 km, Hike through Keent – the story of the Tauros – 1½ hours (with the car to information centre "Brabants Landschap/Stichting Taurus")
7 km, Monasteries route Velp (with car to starting point) – 2½ hours
8 km, Monasteries route Schaijk (through centre and surroundings of Schaijk) - 2½ hours
10 km, Monasteries route Reek/Velp (with car to starting point) – 4 hours
Visit to Ravenstein (by car and city walk) – 2 ½ hours
Visit to Grave (by car and city walk) – 2 ½ hours

When See activity calendar (via website Hartje Groen), private on request.
Duration around 3 hours for the group tour
Costs € 12.50 per adult, € 6.25 per child (3 to 12 years)
Participants maximum 20 participants 
Private tour

on request, price depends on what tour you choose:

Guided tour 1 hours: € 30.00 total
Guided tour 1½ hours: € 40.00 total
Guided tour 2 hours: € 50.00 total
Guided tour 2½ hours: € 60.00 total
Guided tour 3 hours: € 70.00 total
Guided tour 4 hours: € 80.00 total
Guided tour 5 hours: € 85.00 total

Check out the various hiking and theme routes here, on the website of Charme Camping Hartje Groen. You can also walk these hiking and theme routes without a guide, and they are also available in the Boshut, ask about it during your stay.