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Located at the foot of the Maashorst, Holenberg offers numerous options for heading out into nature. During your stay, discover the splendour of this enormous area and be amazed by the primal treasures of the Maashorst. Select one of the excursions for more information and to make a reservation. In our Activity Calendar you can see when the activities are scheduled. 

Wisent safari with a ranger

Head out into nature with a ranger, in search of the wisent! Learn everything there is to know about the largest land mammal of Europe and its habitat in the Maashorst during this safari. You will certainly spot the other grazers during this safari as well.
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Guided bicycle tour

Discover the cultural-historical treasures of the Maashorst per bicycle, accompanied by an IVN guide. A particularly beautiful bicycle tour of 25 kilometres along the burial mounds of the Maashorst.
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Guided family hike

Discover the Maashorst on foot, accompanied by an IVN guide. In addition to the various gorgeous hiking and theme routes, it’s now also possible to participate in the joint family hike.
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Guided hike

Discover the Maashorst on foot, accompanied by an IVN guide. A long walk through the Maashorst to the grazing area where the taurus and Exmoor ponies reside, and to the Schaijk woods and heathland.
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Mountain biking with a guide

Go and seek adventure with a mountain bike across the best trails of the Maashorst and its surroundings, accompanied by a mountain bike guide. The Maashorst is home to many trails for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. The guide will make sure you learn all the cycling tricks and brings along the MTB bicycles for you. The guided tour is possible for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children.
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Covered wagon tour

A beautiful tour through the Maashorst by covered wagon. If they choose to show themselves, you will spot the wisents, taurus and Exmoor ponies. There will be a stop at the fault line, King’s Graves and the heath area, and a break at Stabroek Nature Centre. During the school holidays, on Saturdays, in consultation and if there is sufficient interest, the ride can be split into two shorter rides.
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Forest bathing – Mindful walk

Unwind completely during a mindful morning or evening walk. Start the hike with Tai Chi or Yoga. While walking you will learn the basics of correct breathing and mindfulness.
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Butterfly massage and meditation

Enjoy a soothing butterfly massage in your own ANNA or in ANNA Meet at the butterfly idyll. You can do this alone or together with your partner. A combination of a massage, meditation and a breathing workshop is possible.
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Star safari

On cloudless nights, the Maashorst offers a surprisingly beautiful and clear starry sky. After a short presentation, you can use the telescope yourself to admire the starry sky.
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Foto Vleermuizen Excursie door Rene Janssen

Bat excursion

As soon as dusk sets in, the bats in the forest become active. During this excursion you set off in search for these special nocturnal animals. They are not immediately visible, but with a ‘bat detector’ you will be able to hear them.
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Geocaching can be compared to treasure hunting. Based on coordinates you start looking for a ‘cache’. This could be a very small box, but also a big case. Once you’ve found the cache you can write your name in the log.
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