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Go out and enjoy!

Located at the foot of De Maashorst, Holenberg offers many opportunities to get out and about in nature. During your stay, discover the splendor of this enormous area and be amazed by the primal treasures that De Maashorst has to offer. Select one of the activities for more information or to make a reservation. Do you prefer to explore on your own? Rent a bike at the reception! We have put together various cycling and walking routes for you to explore De Maashorst all by yourself. You will find them at the reception.

Back to nature breathwork session

Take a deep breathe… and relax. Tune into nature, connect and feel alive. Daily challenges often stresses us out.
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Primal Cooking

If you want experience how it feels to go back to basic, you can also choose to prepare a dish outside over an open fire. We have put together a special package with fresh products for a delicious meal.
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Forest bathing – Experience the elements

Immerse yourself in nature. Literally. Rustling leaves, a trickle of dew on your cheek. Start your day wonderfully relaxed on this mindful morning walk.
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Butterfly massage and meditation

Enjoy a soothing butterfly massage in your own ANNA or in ANNA Meet at the butterfly idyll. You can do this alone or together with your partner. A combination of a massage, meditation and a breathing workshop is possible.
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Get your day off to a good start with yoga. Balance your body, mind, spirit and consciousness. During this session, guided by an experienced yoga teacher, you will become aware of your breathing and practise poses in tune with the energy of the season.
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A wood-burning stove awaits you inside our meditation tent. Cushions and blankets are ready for you. During this meditation session, you will do two different meditations guided by an experienced teacher. These will follow the energy of the season and focus on a theme that fits the season.
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Wisent safari with a ranger

Head out into nature with a ranger, in search of the wisent! Learn everything there is to know about the largest land mammal of Europe and its habitat in the Maashorst during this safari. You will certainly spot the other grazers during this safari as well.
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Mountain biking with a guide

Go and seek adventure with a mountain bike across the best trails of the Maashorst and its surroundings, accompanied by a mountain bike guide. The Maashorst is home to many trails for beginners as well as advanced cyclists. The guide will make sure you learn all the cycling tricks and brings along the MTB bicycles for you. The guided tour is possible for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children.
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Horse-drawn carriage ride

A beautiful one-and-a-half or three-hour trip through the Maashorst by horse-drawn carriage. This tour offers a complete view of the Maashorst with its forests and moors. And if you are lucky, you can spot the European bison, bulls and Exmoor ponies. There will be stops at the Peelrand fault line , princely graves and the heathland area, and a refreshment break at Slabroek nature centre.
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Foto Vleermuizen Excursie door Rene Janssen

Bat excursion

As soon as dusk sets in, the bats in the forest become active. During this excursion you set off in search for these special nocturnal animals. They are not immediately visible, but with a ‘bat detector’ you will be able to hear them.
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